2023 AMO Nationals

The Tennessee Valley Region AMC club is proudly hosting the 2023 National meet in Strawberry Plains, TN! Register at AMO.club today.

Events during the meet

Tour to Harrisburg Covered Bridge

Tour to Greeneville City Garage Car Museum

City Garage Car Museum in Greeneville, TN

Parking lot party at host hotel

Show field

26 thoughts on “2023 AMO Nationals”

    1. Yes, we have registration available for both vendors and showing cars. We have several vendors registered already. If you wish to do both, it is separate registration for being a vendor and showing a car

    1. T-shirts are $25 at the show $5.00 more if you want one shipped to you through PayPal. Put is in as family/friend so no fees are charged.

      You can buy one at AMO.club and it will be at the sho waiting for you. Thanks, Bill

    1. It’s an hour and a half drive on the dot from the showfield to the North Carolina side of the Dragon, “the tail” That is the side where the shop and restaraunt is. Given it takes about 20-25 mins to drive the dragon, it’d be a little over an hour to get to the start of it on the Tennessee side

    1. They are both host hotels. Hampton inn is full, holiday Inn has a few rooms left. There are about 5 or 6 hotels on exit 398, the same exit as the show field

  1. Greetings,
    I’m planning on coming to the meet w/household member or two, one a Ukranian refugee living with me and the other a foster son – they are 18 & 17 years old respectively. I may have one or both – don’t know yet.

    BUT, I’m not driving my Spirt AMX to the meet; just a brand X. What do I pay on registration. It only provides fees for cars being displayed, vendor spaces and meals. I know I paid something in Co Spgs – perhaps the cost of one car? I can’t remember. I’ll not be attending the banquet but perhaps the Smokies game depending on starting time. It’s a 12 hour or so drive for me from Joplin to Knoxville I estimate. I’m sure a good 10 hours with time change from Joplin to Nashville and then Cookeville and on to Knoxville. I plan on arriving Thursday.

    The print for the t-shirts I suspect will have the cars featured in American Motoring promotion of national but will the print be on the reverse or front of the t-shirt?

    I thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.


    Ozzie McCauley #58

    1. Check out amo.club for the registration. There you can register for the show, baseball game, banquet etc. They will have a form and a way to submit payment for the registration

  2. Thinking of trailering car behind motorhome. Is there a place to park with trailer and sleep in motorhome

    1. At the showfield you will have plenty of room to park your trailer. You will have to keep the motor home at a campground though as they can not stay at the school. There are several campgrounds under a 30 minute drive to the showfield

  3. Philip clifton

    We sent in our application/check to be a vendor and have not heard anything back. Is there someone we could contact to make sure they receive our paper work? Thanks.

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